Colony Avengers

FPS, Enjoy with virtual reality

The Colony Avengers is a online multiplayer mobile virtual reality F.P.S. game.

You can experience up to 8 players simultaneously access with dynamic battles.

You can move freely and lightly by taking full advantage of mobile and all-in-one virtual reality environment.

It support many mobile and all-in-one virtual reality H.M.D. such as Gear VR, Cardboard VR, Goblin.

It support variety maps and rules such as “Death match”, “Occupation match”, “Survival match”.

We will update content such as boss raid mod, story mode, weapons, characters, maps, rules.

We will support additional controllers and H.M.D. likes VIVE Focus, Oculus Go, NEO.

The Colony Avengers play video

E-Sports broadcast on live at Twitch


There are three type of maps available

Space ship – Death match

Kill the enemy and lead the team to victory.

It is a game mode win which a team that has killed a lot of enemies in five minutes.



Iron tail – Occupation match

This match is win which team occupied 100% of the occupation place in center of the map.

Try to win by defeating the enemy and collecting your occupied points in five minutes.



Doom’s day – Survival match

Survival Match is a game in which a survivor fights against each other for 1 minute and 20 seconds, and the survives the final 40 seconds by avoiding a meteorite falling toward him in safety area.

This game is played three times in a row, and the highest score among the points awarded will be won and rewarded.





Various controllers are supported

Universal controllers(like Xbox 360 wireless controller) and Gear VR controller are supported.

Joystick-style universal controller allows you to fully enjoy Colony Avengers.

You can experience higher immersion feeling by using gun style controller(like IPEGA PG-9057).




You can free download at mobile Store

you can download from google play store and Samsung Gear VR Oculus store.