Colony Avengers

FPS, Enjoy with VR.

In P2P invironments, You can experience up to 4 on 4 dynamic battles.

The Colony Avengers is a mobile multiplayer FPS game optimised for VR environments.

You can move freely and lightly by taking full advantage of mobile.

We have overcome dizziness which is a common problem of VR devices.

We will update content such as single mode and additional equipment and maps.




There are two types of maps available.

Elimination mode map

Kill the enemy and lead the team to victory.

It is a game mode in which a team that has killed a lot of enemies in a closed space wins.




Occupation mode map

Attack Team(Red): Remove the blue team and capture the important points.

Defense Team(Blue): Defend the Red team from capturing important points.





Various controllers are supported.

Universal controllers and gun style controllers are supported.

Joystick-style universal controller allows you to fully enjoy Colony Avengers.

You can experience higher immersion feeling by using gun style controller.





You can see it Now at mobile Store.

you can download from google play store and Samsung Gear VR Oculus store.