Terms of Use and Operational Policy

Before using Game, please read the following and agree to all of the following. If you do not agree, the game will not be available.


  1. I will comply with the Terms of Use and Operational Policy when using the game.
  1. I am responsible for the management of my account information, and I am not responsible for the sharing or the theft of the accounts and the disadvantages caused by the company without reason. You also agree that your use of the Services may be restricted, even if a violation of our Terms of Use and Operational Policies by a third party occurs during account sharing.
  1. I will not use any software related to the game service developed or distributed by myself or any third party using this game or affecting the content of the game. We also do not intentionally or repeatedly exploit known bugs and will report them to our company if we find them.
  1. I will not use any game account or game data for any purpose of distribution, transfer, sale or for any other purpose. We will not access the program and modify or extract data contents arbitrarily.
  1. The Company shall store and retain all chat content between users within the Game Service, and may access them if necessary. The Company shall read this information only when it is deemed necessary by the Company to adjust the disputes among users, to handle complaints, or to maintain the order of the game, and the third party who owns this information and is not authorized by the law You can never browse.
  1. The Company shall not be liable for damages, loss of items or loss of experience due to errors that can not be clearly recognized by the Company, such as lacks.
  1. If I violate game Terms of Use or Operational Policy, I may restrict my use of the account and may adjust, delete or restrict the items related to the violation of the Terms. The Company will not compensate for the loss / destruction of the content due to this. In addition, I agree that if you do an unsportsmanlike act and damage game, you may be restricted from using the game without prior notice in accordance with Company regulations.
  1. I will fill out the actual information when I apply.
  1. I will use the game to access my host computer in a legitimate manner and will not attempt to access it in an unauthorized way or steal someone’s account without my permission.
  2. I will not impersonate other game users in the game or employees of the company.
  1. I will not trade game items, accounts, avatars, etc. with cash or cash value.
  1. I will only tell you the truth when I use customer support on the homepage.